Encryption Cipher Pt. 1

by Tuff Sound Encoding

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Encryption Cipher,
an algorithm that turns information into a secret code.
Encryption Cipher, draws connections between the art of remixing and the process of encoding and decoding information in the digital age.


released October 25, 2013

All songs recorded and produced by Herman “Soy Sos” Pearl
at Tuff Sound Recording, except tracks 3 & 13 produced by
Amos “DJ Thermos” Levy
All lyrics written and performed by the respective artists.
Album artwork by Richard Nicol, Zack Curl and Amos Levy.
Special thanks to the artists on this project for their trust in the process. Shout out to Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Black Sun - Lightning In A Bottle (Soy Sos Remix)
Ay yo I might hustle, catch lightning in a bottle till I'm like Russel.
Making wifeys outta models, who the man? Fuck it.
So they biggin' up my name up in Nantucket.
I be spittin up the flames, throw a hot line in.
Stickin' move, got the groove, homie got timin'....
Track Name: Hardo - Cut Throat (Soy Sos Remix)
Ain't nuttin change wotie, I been tryna chill.
I got my change up, now I ain't gotta kill....
Track Name: Hunter - Hit My Number (DJ Thermos Remix)
I been ducked off,but once in a blue, I get hit up.
Who went to jail, who got robbed, who got lit up.
Don't focus on the fall, aw nigga naw.
Not at all, it's what you do when you get up....
Track Name: Shad Ali - All For The Love (Soy Sos Remix)
The dough is for the freedom, but it's all for the love.
I can't be spittin' for respect, cause that shit don't keep the lights on.
The bread will do some justice, but the rhymes keep my life going.
I tried flowin, cause my soul knows one way to roll it.
My face stoic, let my voice guide you for a moment.....
Track Name: NeNe - I Don't Love Her (Produced by Soy Sos)
“No headboard, so I tore it out the frame, crushed her where her man lay, now that’s a damn shame.”
Track Name: Kizzl - Already Did It (Soy Sos Remix)
She say Kizzl don’t do it, but I already did it girl.
You know Kizzl gon do it, so tell me if you wid it girl.